Monday, 31 December 2012

The message [3 of 3]

After Will had lied to my face and sworn that he had nothing to do with the message (see The message [2 of 3]), I had slowly revealed knowledge of information that narrowed the possible senders down to him and his boyfriend. Yet it wasn't until I said I'd confront his boyfriend that Will confessed to be the culprit.

Following the confession Will said he loved me and he had missed me so much and had just wanted to talk to me more than anything. After he unfriended me on Facebook he had expected me to send a new friend request, and when I didn't do so he had felt all alone without a friend in the world. He repeated several times how much he loved me and that I was the most important person in the world to him. He said he had been close to killing himself, which is an old tune of his. Then he begged me not to tell Aaron about what he had done, because it might mean the end of his relationship. I could make that promise.

At that point Aaron walked past the cabins calling out Will's name. "Has he seen you already?" Will asked. "Yes, I said hi to him but he ignored me completely," I replied. Then Will shouted, "I'm in a cabin with Jackdaw. Got to the bar, I'll be right there," and then whispered to me, "If he has seen you he will want to leave. Let me go to him and change his mind." Will returned shortly: "Aaron wants to leave; we only have a few more minutes." He still sounded very remorseful and even offered me to give him a good beating. When I refused he seemed to see it as acceptance of his apology, and his tone changed. 

In a bragging tone he now told me the operational side of the story. Will had wanted to go to some gay place on the evening before my vacation, but once Aaron realises Will and I are in the same building he forces Will to leave with him immediately. Will wanted to make sure they wouldn't walk into me there but he was afraid that asking me not to go there would prompt me to do the opposite -- that's what he would have done (see Just a joke). A day in advance he created a profile on a dating app using the photos of a tourist he had fucked that weekend, took the afternoon off, drove fifty kilometres to my city, and from the car park of a hotel one kilometre from my apartment he started a conversation with me telling me he was staying in that hotel. Then he tried to plan a date with me for the next day and have me show up somewhere far from the location he and Aaron were, so Aaron would not see me, get jealous, and make a drama.

The day after their evening plans Will had thought it was a funny joke to let me think that there was a rumour that I be HIV positive. It was meant to be very ironic because I was always so extremely careful with protection when we had sex. Will had wanted to bareback with me several times but I had always refused and lectured him about the dangers. He thought I was being too scared of the virus and liked to make fun of it, joking that he wasn't wearing a condom after he entered me sometimes and such. 

Then he bragged how well he had lied to me. "I'm an extremely bad liar, but this was a matter of life and death for me because I was afraid I would lose you, and I was so good: You looked me in the eyes and still thought I was telling the truth. You even thought Aaron had sent the message!" There was no reason for me burst his bubble. "I really have to leave now," he then said, "Aaron is probably already fully dressed. I'm so happy we are friends again. I love you so much!" I didn't say a word and he left.

When I later checked my phone I saw a message from Aaron saying, "You should cut it out with your pathetic drama and stop harassing my man." I hadn't expected Will to tell Aaron what we had actually discussed, but for him to make up a story in which I was harassing him was a bit too easy. What I wanted to send back was childish and mean and would make Aaron explode with anger and would destroy any chance of me and them ever making up. In fact, sending it would make sure that they would never play games with me again, and so I wrote it: "I haven't asked you anything, you...," followed by a painfully accurate physical and mental description of him that he would be reminded of every time he'd drive onto his street.

Aaron exploded indeed. He started with name-calling, but when I didn't seem impressed he said that every time during our 'threesomes' when he let Will and me play with each other, he had secretly recorded us. I was quite sure this was true. Aaron said that he had some "nice stills" that he'd drop in all post boxes in my building, and that he had collected phone numbers and e-mail addresses of my friends, family, colleagues and business relations from Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, and that he would send all of them the same photos.

At the same time Aaron sent me a stream of threat messages, Will panicked and tried to mend everything, sending me loads of messages instructing me how to help him please and calm Aaron.

Aaron's threats were enough reason for me to go to the police, but I had a better plan. I wrote Will: "Please stop messaging me for an hour or so, I'm at the police station and I'm showing them Aaron's messages. Do NOT tell this to Aaron!" Three seconds later Aaron wrote me that I was a coward for going to the police and that he had never really threatened me. He pointed out that he hadn't explicitly said the pics were nude pics, just that they were "nice stills". So clearly Will had Aaron read all his messages all along. They had been playing a game from the very start.

A few minutes later Will wrote me that I had made him confess "everything" to Aaron: the cheating with me, with the many young fathers in his city, our threesomes with Atan (see Just a joke) and Cemal (see Heat), his secret weekly visits to the gay sauna, everything. I didn't see how I had made him confess that, because I would surely have kept my word and my mouth shut about this. Then I suddenly understood his panic. The combination of me being at the police station and their house being stacked with recreational drugs had of course been too much risk for Will to keep his mouth shut.

However, the reason that Will gave Aaron for all this cheating wasn't that he's addicted to  sex and that Aaron never gives him any -- that was what Will had told me -- but instead Will convinced Aaron that I had forced him to sleep around, threatening to tell Aaron about his adultery if he didn't. How he got Aaron to believe that story was beyond me, but it worked. "You cannot blackmail Will any longer, he has told me everything," Aaron wrote.

Had I really wanted to blackmail Will, then I would never have used his cheating: Aaron could surely forgive him that. No, it would be the emails in which he wrote very elaborately how repulsive he thought Aaron was, things he stole from him, scenarios to kill him, and confessions of attempts to do so. But I would never share that with Aaron. That was sent confidentially, and besides, I would do them both a favour causing them to break up. They didn't deserve that.

Suddenly Aaron made his threat conditional. He said the only way I could stop him from revenge was by apologising to Will and him, withdrawing statement I had made to the police, writing them a letter in which I would claim I had made it all up, and never contacting him or Will ever again. I replied that I was neither afraid of him nor his threats. Honestly, spreading nude pics of me would be cause me some discomfort at most.

Aaron kept bugging me for a week through text messages on all platforms where I couldn't block him. At the end of the week I called Will, had a fifteen-minute, very adult conversation with him after which he told me he would make Aaron stop threatening me. We agreed never to contact each other again, and he promised to never contact my friends again or use my photos on a fake profile. Good riddance!


  1. Good riddance indeed. You should have gotten rid of these two from the start.

    1. From the start I had felt attracted to Will and although I'd never wanted him as my boyfriend, I wanted him to be happy and to save him from his nasty situation. I thought his anti-social behaviour was copied from Aaron. I has taken me far too long to discover that it was Will who was the most fucked-up of the two.

  2. Why would you want to be friends with either of these people, why would you even attempt to try an mend this fucked up relationship. This is so bizarre.

    1. I surely want them out of my life for good.

  3. Well, I see from the pic you have the Weeping Angels in your life. Beware. They done for Amy & Rory y'know!


  4. you should have never gotten involved with those two. classic personality disorders, they will never change. will seemed a particularly nasty piece of work from the start. I hope you avoid people like this. people with big sad stories blaming others for their problems usual are the creator of their problems and are trying to manipulate you.

    1. You are so right! I'm going to be more careful in the future.